Beacon- Laser Scanner & Navigation


The Most Accurate Laser Positioning System for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Pinpoint accuracy from reflector based laser navigation – ideal for large areas

Beacon is an all-in-one integrated laser scanner and navigation module.

It provides a highly accurate navigation solution via a laser which is usually mounted high-up on the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to provide clear line of sight to a well-distributed set of reflectors.

To identify these reflective reflectors Beacon uses a rotating, slightly fanned, laser beam that covers a full 360-degree area (or a combination of scanners if mounted lower).

By measuring the distance and angle to these reflectors from the laser scanner, it is possible to determine a vehicle’s precise location at any time during a given process or journey.

Pinpoint Precision for Automated Guided Vehicles

The Beacon position measurement system provides a highly accurate means of determining the location of any AGV within a facility.

It achieves consistent measurement to within 4mm using a well-distributed set of reflective reflectors.

The key to the accuracy of the Beacon navigation system versus similar solutions on the market is its use of a ‘continuous wave’ beam of light. Beacon calculates its position using distance and bearing data from the first point it ‘sees’ each reflective reflector until the last moment that reflector is in its ‘vision’.

This enables a precise location to be calculated.

Simple and Quick Installations

The Beacon system is fast and easy to configure. To start, our engineers can recommend the positioning of a set of reflective reflectors in the operating environment. Guidance Adopt Beacon software and a mapping vehicle are then used to survey the work areas to create a map which is used by the navigation system to accurately provide positioning for all your AGVs.

Typical Uses

Beacon is ideally suited for environments such as wide area warehousing, automotive manufacturing or industrial processing plants.