moNitrav™ – Dynamic Scheduling & Traffic Management


Scalable traffic management system for material handling applications

Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav™ manages the movement of autonomous vehicles around the work environment to ensure optimal process throughput and effective use of resources.

Harnessing the power of Industry 4.0, moNitrav™ provides:

  • Dynamic route and task optimisation for “Always on fast track” operation
  • Real time adaptation to changing demands and throughput requirements
  • On demand task injection and prioritisation
  • On route task cancellation/re-routing
  • Easy interface to warehouse management, production management and a range of specialist materials handling systems (e.g. baggage handling)

Implement right first time solutions and rapidly achieve ROI.

PC simulation mode enables users to determine the optimal autonomous transport strategy and number of vehicles required to achieve desired throughputs before commitment to major investment.

Optimize throughput and react to changing demands and busy period congestion:

  • moNitrav™ analytics: Re-running the same routes regardless of operational demands and traffic situations results in inefficiencies, unnecessary queues, lost time and revenue and less than optimal use of resources. SMART analytics monitor conditions in real time for continuous and dynamic fleet schedule and routing optimisation
  • moNitrav™ dynamic fleet routing: real time, dynamic routing to ensure your loads are picked and fast tracked to the correct location in the most efficient way. Multi vehicle type fleets supported
  • moNitrav™ real time scheduling: dynamic job allocation for optimal throughput and priority job injection for last minute or on-demand orders, job cancellation and re-routing
  • traNsitrak: Independent vehicle operation for a stand-alone or small vehicle fleet operation.
    • For simple repeated vehicle schedules that follow a repeated pattern.
    • Allows user- defined changes to routes and on-demand calls.
    • Vehicle, routes, tasks and schedules are defined in moNitrav™.  A generated file is then downloaded to vehicle memory for independent vehicle operation, e.g. Fixed path (route to A to B to C to D etc.).
    • Vehicle/s can operate without wireless connectivity.