Yatay Tahrik Motoru

  • Güç : 80W – 30KW
  • Voltaj:12-96V
  • DC, AC, PMAC

Power: 80W up to 30KW
-The drive wheel is designed for internal use on battery-operated vehicles ( fork lift trucks, self –propelled vehicles, AGV’S guided or guide wire)
-It can rotate 360 degrees, but generally are mounted mechanical stops or electromechanical switch to reduce the degrees of rotation.
-The drive gear is lubricated with grease, using grinded gear to minimize noise.
-Produced with low noise gear box, minimal envelope radius, and compact design
-The motor can be D.C. or A.C.  On request we can supply shaft extension for encoder application and special plates
-All models can be supplied with turntable bearing
-Tire can be rubber, polyurethane, Vulkollan or non marking tire