Ineltec Kompakt Klimatik Kabin

  • Fast and simple programming
  • Touch screen PC placed in the door
  • ETHERNET, WIFI communication
  • Remote connection
  • Software with historical, alarms management, etc.
  • Gradients from 3º/min… up to 20º /min.

Ineltec Compact Climatic Chamber

Description of the equipments
  • 150 liters
  • 300 liters
  • 500 liters
  • 750 liters
  • 1000 liters
  • 1500/2000 liters

The Compact Climatic Chambers of the INECC line simulates environmental conditions of heat and cool mixed with humidity.
The maximum temperature range of the standard models are from -70ºC till +180ºC. We also design tailored equipments according to the specifications given to us. That way we modify or amplify the standard features.
The climatic chambers are used in all the industrial sectors since they meet the standards for environmental tests for any product or material.

Features of Compact Climatic Chambers of Ineltec (Heat-Cool-Humidity)